Industrial roller shutter doors

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High speed doors (often referred to as fast action doors or rapid roll doors) offer an efficient solution to reduce energy and heat loss in the workplace.

High speed industrial doors are suitable for both external and internal openings and are a great option where there is frequent traffic. The doors are extremely durable and will protect your premises from a range of environmental factors such as draughts and humidity.


  • Fast operation
  • Reducing energy costs by preventing heat loss
  • Reduced operating times help increase productivity
  • Creating a more comfortable working environment
  • Custom-built to meet your individual needs
  • Minimising noise levels
  • Wide range of finishes
  • Reduce heating bills
  • Reduce noise levels
  • Reduce contamination by airborne dust & pollutants
  • Internal or external applications
  • Sizes and finishes to suit individual applications
  • Safety edge
  • Safety beam
  • Curtain with vision windows
  • Bottom safety edge
  • Photo cell
  • Re-insertion system
  • Inverter drive
  • Push button station.

Further Details

For additional convenience and practicality, single or double unit folding doors and top hung straight doors are available with power operation.

Sliding doors are hung from a horizontal tubular track and are guided using a channel set into the floor. In certain circumstances however,the floor channel can be replaced by a second top track to prevent swaying.

Virtually any width of door is available in folding format and in flat format through making use of fixed or floating door units. Sectional Flat sliding doors are also available offering a 'round the corner' movement option.