Industrial roller shutter doors

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A domestic roller shutter door is an excellent investment that can both secure and enhance your property. Our roller shutter garage doors are fully insulated and are available in a range of sizes and specificiations.


  • Powder coated finish
  • Low maintenance
  • Wide range of finishes
  • Comprehensive range of finishes
  • Remote control operation
  • Safety beam

Further Details

The garage door is constructed from individual double skinned foam filled aluminium slats 77mm deep and 20mm thick extruded aluminium guides having intergrated brush seals with absolute minimum noise and virtually no maintenance required. The technology is derived from the millions of aluminium window shutters sold throughout Europe.

The high performance weatherstripping in the side guides ensures a good level of sealing and when closed the garage door has excellent acoustic and thermal properties. oiling or greasing is not required on the side guides. A rubber weather seal on the bottom slat gives excellent weather protection.

A key feature to garage doors is the vertical opening - maximising space on the drive and internally. Park right up to the door outside or inside and you can still open or close it. The internal space requirements are also minimal enabling maximum use of your roof space in the garage and internal space for shelving, etc. Each roller garage door is individually manufactured to exact sizes to maximise your garage opening. The door is remote control electrically operated as standard using a tubular motor drive unit. The electric motor is located inside the curtain roll barrel.14 powdercoat or 3 woodgrain laminate finishes offers you every opportunity to match your home exterior with powdercoated guides to match or compliment your chosen curtain finish. A further 40 plus laminate woodgrain finishes are now available on request if you need lighter or darker colours than already available. Please ask for details as the availability is changing constantly.