Industrial roller shutter doors

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Crash Doors (or sometimes referred to as Flexible Doors) are an excellent solution for areas of the workplace where fast access is required whilst restricting heat loss and reducing noise. With numerous panel and frame options Worcester Doors range offers a cost effective solution to waste energy.


  • Fast operation
  • Reducing energy costs by preventing heat loss
  • Reduced operating times help increase productivity
  • Creating a more comfortable working environment
  • Custom-built to meet your individual needs
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance
  • Minimising noise levels
  • Reduce noise and energy/heat loss
  • Save energy
  • Reduce heating bills
  • Reduce noise levels
  • Reduce contamination by airborne dust & pollutants

Further Details

Flexible crash doors are the most practical and economical solution to heat loss and noise pollution in the workplace. With the correct panel and frame selection, flexible crash doors can provide a low maintenance, low cost, answer to reducing the waste of energy that occurs in un-enclosed areas without affecting speed of movement through these openings.

Flexible crash doors are widely used in the following applications:

Retail units and supermarkets
Food preparation areas
Coldstores and cleanrooms
Industrial units and factories
Postal sorting offices

Flexible doors are favoured in these environments due to their durability, ease of use, minimal maintenance and the concealed spring unit mechanism. A range of finishes to the door framework is available to suit different environments. These include powder coating, electro-zinc plating and standard paint finishes. Doors with stainless steel framework are also available.